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Yousheng Pinjian, the MI offline boutique life mall settles in Shanghai

By 8 May 2018 No Comments

On 28 April, the world’s first store of “Yousheng Pinjian” officially opened in Qibao Vanke Mall in Shanghai, with area of 1000 square meters, and covering ten categories such as travel, household, intelligence, home appliance, clothing, daily chemicals, foods, kitchen, baby and groceries, etc. Insisting on the consumption concept of “Tasting Life, Meeting excellence”, the store is developing the tasty one-stop exquisite shopping experience for the new middle class which pursue rational and concise design, high quality and reasonable price, and the rising young consumers.


As the new exploration of new retail type of business, “Yousheng Pinjian” adopts the open scene-style store design with wide adoption of the latest technologies to create the distinctive, new and interactive intelligent shopping experience for consumers.


All commodities in the store adopt Hanshow ESL to display product information, and complete the change price operation with one-click, the commodities of the store keep consistent price with online commodities, and realizing the real-time and synchronized promotion. Customers in the store may scan the ESL to place order online directly, which is convenient and quick, thus expanding the limited space of the store to more online available categories for sale, providing more choices for consumers, and greatly improving the shopping experience.


“Yousheng Pinjian” with consumption upgrade is the new retail type of business for the beautiful, personalized, technical, funny and interesting life style. On the first day of opening, “Yousheng Pinjian” has earned high popularity, with the selected quality commodities combination and innovative intelligent shopping experience, “Yousheng Pinjian” has become the new landmark of life style in Shanghai.