WalMart’s first smart store “HuiXuan” supermarket in Guangzhou opened recently. The supermarket is located in a densely populated area on DongGuanZhuang Road, Tianhe District. The business area of “HuiXuan” supermarket is about 1000m2 which is around one-tenth of a traditional large-scale supermarket.

1_副本As a significant part of WalMart’s innovation in the retail business, the “HuiXuan” supermarket is oriented at serving community and is committed to be the new generation of digital localized stores. Up to now, Shenzhen has opened four “HuiXuan” supermarkets and DongGuan will open one more by the end of 2018. Hanshow ESLs are attached to all categories of commodities in the “HuiXuan” supermarket, which enables the scanning of QR codes for purchases and simultaneously updates online and offline commodity information in real time. This ensures highly efficient operations of the store and an intimate and convenient omni-channel shopping experience for residents in the local community.

“WalMart has 22 years of experience in China’s retail market, witnessed Chinese customers’ increasing consumption and understands the demand for convenience and high efficiency in urban residents’ fast-paced life. The “HuiXuan” business is rooted in the community, provides a variety of commodities, is equipped with digital intelligent facilities, provides online and offline omni-channel services and more accurate services for community customers.” said Shane Bourk, vice president of WalMart China’s “HuiXuan” supermarket.

Fine selection and customer-friendly prices

The core of WalMart “HuiXuan” is to meet the demand of local residents on daily consumption. “HuiXuan” selects more than 6,500 categories from a variety of commodities in the traditional large-scale supermarket and provides more than 800 categories of fresh goods. Moreover, “HuiXuan” displays the refrigerated vegetables, fresh fruits or quick-frozen foods in the foreground. All the cooking-related products are displayed in the front half of the store. Fresh dairy products, a variety of high-quality fruits, and best meats are popular among the customers in Southern China. The traceable packaged vegetables, which are market-leading, ensure a full chain of food safety for customers and are increasingly sought after.

2_副本WalMart offers commodities with customer-friendly prices but higher prices than commodities in general community supermarkets or convenience stores. The biggest highlights in the store are WalMart’s owned “HuiYi” and “Marketside”, which control product design and raw materials to provide customers with high quality commodities, e.g. about 100 categories of cost-effective daily necessities at 9.9 Yuan in the “Household goods zone”.

Omni-channel retail serves the local community

As a leader in the transformation of omni-channel retail, WalMart has continued to expand JingDong’s 1-hour delivery service in the past few years. Up to now, more than 200 hypermarkets in more than 30 cities across the country have access to this service. HuiXuan Supermarket also has upgraded the “JingDong to Homes” distribution service, which decreases the order delivery time from 1 hour to 29 minutes and becomes one of the supermarkets with the most categories of goods in the “JingDong to Homes” platform.

More than 5,000 categories of commodities including fresh food, cooked foods, baked foods, grain and oil non-staple foods, home life appliances, skin care and beauty products, frozen foods and drinks are simultaneously launched in an APP and entity stores. Customers could purchase more than 90% of products in entity stores from the mobile app. HuiXuan provides a unique shopping experience for both online and offline customers by providing convenience, fresh foods and highly cost-effective commodities.

3_副本In terms of store operation, HuiXuan Supermarket adopts Hanshow ESLs, which unify price variation in the background system and update the information of a single ESL nearly in real time, realizing simultaneous price synchronization of thousands of commodities both in online and offline stores. In addition, WalMart will digitize the location of each commodity and employees can match the shelf serial number with the picking terminal, complete the order picking faster according to the optimal picking path in the specific shelf and deliver the commodities in online orders within 60 min.

Smart technology upgrades convenient shopping experience

The digital retail solution further helps the HuiXuan supermarket significantly improve operational efficiency and upgrades the customer’s shopping experience. HuiXuan supermarkets applies cutting-edge cashier methods in the retail industry to provide customers with more payment options: scanning goods in self-service cash registers and completing checkout within milliseconds, or “scanning QR codes” in WeChat by scanning the Hanshow ESL corresponding to the commodity and completing checkout in WeChat’s program. Customers can enjoy a smooth shopping experience with the high-speed free Wi-Fi in the store.

4_副本In addition, HuiXuan Supermarket provides self-service purchase of lottery, haircut, etc. in the rented zone for the convenience for residents. Customers can enjoy the purchase of electronic gift cards, applications for WalMart credit card, appointment for appliance cleaning and maintenance and more in “WalMart HuiXuan” WeChat public account. The store provides free delivery within 3 km for orders over 188 Yuan.