Digital shelf labels play a very important role for the pharmacist in the daily management of pricing and also in the customer service improvement. The owners of the Viñamata Pharmacy in Granollers (Barcelona) have deep understandings about this, they are always looking forward to the latest technological innovation. That is the reason why they have chosen the 1st global interactive electronic shelf labels provided by Nicolis Project—Hanshow’s global partner.

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The store is very typical in the Spanish pharmaceutical scene for innovation, competence and professionalism. For over twenty years they have been offering a 24-hour customer support and consultancy service. The pharmacy already implemented electronic tags for price automation to relieve employees from the most time-consuming operational activities. Convinced by this technology features from Hanshow technology, they have decided to renew the stores, replacing more than 4,200 original LCD labels with the new e-paper model.

Less time on price management but more attention to customers thanks to electronic shelf labels

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In a 1200 square meter pharmacy with various products on display, such as Granollers one, the activities of pricing and shelf refilling must have strong impact on the customer’s buying experience. The interactive digital labels from Nicolis Project, automate the price change without any human interaction, since all the variations that occur at management level are automatically and electronically communicated to the devices. This creates several positive benefits for the store:

Promotion: During the day, promotions or special offers can be made visible by activating the flash LED also synchronizing with the customers flow data;

Accounting: The prices recorded in the check-out system are always aligned with those published on the shelf to avoid any pricing error or accounting calculations.

Visual Upgrade: The adoption of electronic photo labels has also greatly improved the visibility of prices and information. In fact, these devices guarantee perfect readability in all lighting conditions and angles.

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Pharmacy Viñamata chose Hanshow’s electronic shelf label solutions not only for the excellent operational performances of the interactive digital price tags but also due to the locking system developed by Nicolis Project perfectly adapts to the curved shelves in the point of sale. The flexible fastening systems patented by Nicolis Project makes the difficult job to be easy.

Under the help from Hanshow electronic shelf labels, the pharmacy stores could enhance both the aesthetic interior display and the customer service and shopping experience in the store. The store management team could benefit the high efficiency, lean pricing and staff management from the exceptional features. More amazing experience are waiting you to explore! Where there is digitalized smart pharmacy store, there will be Hanshow!

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Nicolis Project is committed to the design of systems for visual communication and information management in the sales point. Thanks to the experience accrued over the years, alongside the major retailers of Italian mass retailing, Nicolis has developed a new electronic label concept: no longer had a simple digital priced but an interactive communication device with the customers that uses all the potential of the “Internet of Things”. Therefore, Nicolis expanded areas of expertise, becoming the research and development center for ISL (Interactive Electronic Shelf Label), the new Electronic Shelf Label produced by Hanshow.