Recently, Tops Daily launched Hanshow ESLs for all categories of products in Thailand.

1Tops is a grocery chain in Thailand. Formerly part of the US-based Tops Markets LLC, the chain is operated under the name Tops Supermarket in Thailand by the Central Food Retail (CFR), a subsidiary of Central Retail Corporation. In addition to Tops Supermarket, some branches are called Tops Super, Tops Market, Tops Daily and Central Food Hall. It is the largest supermarket chain in Thailand and operates 120 stores nationwide. Tops Daily launched Hanshow ESLs to simplify the process of price control, achieve one-click price variation, reduce labor costs greatly and improve the overall management and operational efficiency of the store.2

  • Hardware features

Hanshow ESLs screens are made of electronic paper. Tops Daily supermarket can easily manage content on the screen and the electronic paper has a perfect viewing angle of nearly 180°, maintaining normal display without energy consumption and with environmental protection, high efficiency and low consumption.

  • Rapid transmission

Hanshow ESLs transmit data with“2.4G wireless network + independently developed communication protocol”, which has the advantages of high efficiency, security and stability. ESLs can be updated with the maximum speed of 18,000 pieces/h. The price of each ESL can be viewed in the background in real time and the information can be traced.

  • Interactive application

Hanshow ESLs have excellent interactive properties, are equipped with LED lighting and support the NFC touch interaction, etc., which realizes the operation interaction between clerks and ESLs, the consumption interaction between consumers and ESLs, the relation interaction between commodities and ESLs and the positioning interaction between the system and ESLs. Moreover, as a carrier that directly interacts with consumers, Hanshow ESLs realizes the SKU-level precision marketing, which helps realize the marketing loop of data generation, acquisition, analysis and operation.