In recent years, the competition among Internet giants has become increasingly fierce offline, which, in particular, expands to new retail areas like household furnishing., who upholds the idea of “Infinite retail”, also enters this arena.

1_副本Yesterday, Hanshow reporter told you about how to live smartly in cold weather. If you’ve missed it, please click here to review the article—“Super species Giants: Hema and 7FRESH! Which one to choose today? Online or Offlineshopping on freezing weekends?” Today, let us discover the features of JD X Conliahome store, a retail home store stemming from the idea of “infinite retail”.

JD.COM X Conliahome, Layout Nationwide

【JD X Conliahome】is the first cross-boundary home and lifestyle store cofounded by JD.COM and the famous home brand, Conliahome. So far, JD X Conliahome has opened 21 stores in 12 cities, including Beijing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Fuzhou, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Jiaxing, Wuhan, Changzhou, Nanjing and Zhengzhou. In the future, more cities will be covered by Conliahome soon. (One secret that Hanshow reporter wants to tell you: all JD X Conliahome stores use Hanshow electric price tags.)

As a result of the infinite retail collaboration, X Conliahome, integrates online capabilities of and offline resources of Conliahome, breaking scenario and upgrading home consumption models.

Conliahome is dedicated to providing a lifestyle created by cozy and elegant home products. Over 35 years of offering offline retail services, Conliahome has created a shopping model focused on better life and the collaboration with integrates’s all-around empowerment in product and technology. Combining both online and offline strengths, JD X Conliahome aims to provide an “infinite+ home” one-stop solution, to make a much easier, more cozy and convenient shopping experience. Simultaneously, the space effective operation capability of the stores is improved to a large extent as well.

Conliahome’s popularity is relevant with its collaboration to some extent… Ft is also has a strong connection with the consumers’ update consumption for cozy home and ideal life. Conliahome keeps its business model pace with time for years, they have a deep understanding Chinese customers who become more mature in terms of shopping. The formation of Chinese middle-class people pay more attention on family life and value. In such situation, people increase their expenditure more on house holding than traveling, which interprets an all-aound upgrading consumption environment.

McKinsey has made a specialized analysis on the change within the household market, which is driven by digital technology and makes logical adjustments from the bottom level based on personalized demand, multiple scenarios and all-channel integration. Obviously, the collaboration between Conliahome and is a competitive alliance to accommodate the changing market.

The First Cross-boundary home Pattern in China, turning into the home court of the black technology

Taking the JD X Conliahome Flagship Store in Suzhou as an example, it is the first cross-boundary home and lifestyle multi-brand boutique in China, offering multiple and immersive shopping experiences for the consumers. Covering a total operation area of 800 square meters, it has achieved a more supreme store planning. Besides, it has also been provided with three major characteristics:

  • Immersive cross-boundary experience:

4_副本The flagship store was jointly built by the design teams of Spain and the Conliahome Space, which has motivated the immersive retail consumption experience with the scene-orientation and the space advantage.

The store has been set up with home and lifestyle scenes with different themes, including the living room, dining room, bathroom and bedroom as well as the studies and kids spaces.

In addition, the consumers can also use Nespresso to make coffee by themselves, enjoy a massage and self-makeup.

  • More comprehensive and various product categories

In commodities, it further enriches the product categories, bringing more choices for the consumers. For example, it provides not only the popular products sold by JD. Com and the selected Conliahome high-quality products but also introduced a group of domestic and overseas branded and famous products, including KAWECO, MOLESKINE, Graphite Objects, Kitpas, EAT4FUN, Oops, FOREO, ReFa, etc.

6_副本You can also buy the products of Jingzao, which is the self-owned brand of This brand, aiming to create travel fast fashion, has covered the products from luggage, backpacks, and electric toothbrushes and so on.

  • Turning into the home court of the “Black Technology”

Taking advantage of the technologies, it has been fully armed, turning the multi-brand boutique into the home court of the “black technology”. For instance, the Hanshow electronic shelf label solution has been applied in the store and the consumers can select and purchase high-quality goods online through the interactive screen (facial recognition) in the store. In addition, a series of hidden devices, including cameras, Wi-Fi probe and the “take”, will conduct visual and digital analysis against the purchase process of the consumers. It will further precisely manage its consumers and achieve the data sharing to the maximum extent, aiming to achieve the perfect integration of personalized demands, product categories and consumption scenes.

7_副本The consumers in the store can check the product details and historic user evaluation by scanning the electronic shelf label with their own phones, realizing off-line experiences and on-line ordering.

What’s more, the Hanshow electronic shelf label can support the NFC Touch&go function. With the NFC function on the phone to touch the electronic shelf label, the JD APP can be opened automatically. The consumers will then find the purchase page of the designated goods, enjoying a convenient shopping experience.

The retail revolution of the cross-boundary home and lifestyle

In general, the JD X Conliahome store differs from the traditional home and lifestyle multi-brand boutique in three major characteristics: digitalization, intelligence and socialization. The cross-boundary characteristics of its technologies, services and products have exactly conformed to the essence of the retailing: namely the efficiency, the experience and the cost.

For example, the JD X Conliahome store all applied Hanshow electronic shelf labels which can interact online, bringing the updated discounts for the consumers in real time. Besides, it can also serve as a carrier for collecting the data of the consumers’ behaviors, which will achieve development from the off-line consumption to the on-line consumption. The facial recognition system can provide the shop staff information concerning the membership, the purchasing records and preferences of the consumers. Then the staff can provide personalized suggestions and service for different consumers. This all-round data-sharing and analysis will fully integrate the personalized demands, the popular products and the consumption scenes, bringing more convenient services for the consumers.


The JD X Conliahome store is not only  the concept implementation of JD’s “infinite retail “but also represent a brand-new business pattern of the retailing 4.0 era, leading the household industry to break the existing situation. Meanwhile, it has also predicted that the innovation and the reshaping have already be given as the top priority in the new market environment and consumption demands.

As time goes on, the consumption sovereignty of the home and lifestyle scenes will continue tochange. The cross-boundary retailing application scene plus the empowerment of JD’s super commercial pathway will further improve the imaginary space of the Conliahome. Would you like to know more about how Hanshow facilitates JD X Conliahome to open up the O2O intelligent retailing services? Please enjoy yourself in the physical store. You are more than welcome to share smarter store stories with Hanshow’s latest technology around the world.