We have to admit that it is challenging for a traditional retailer to attract online consumers. However, 1919 Liquor stores by combining their online flow with their offline stores, has achieved great success in Omni-channel retail model.

1919 owns 733 offline liquor stores in more than 300 different cities and 31 provinces. The distribution of the 733 stores have made it possible for 1919 to complete the delivery in 19 minutes. Therefore, 1919 becomes China’s biggest Omni-channel liquor brand and the 3rd biggest liquor platform after Tmall and Jingdong in China.

Excellent Services

1919’s services are focused on providing decent prices, good quality, rich categories and fast delivery, which is why it has been developed so quickly in recent years.

  • Prices Unlike traditional wine sellers, 1919 deals directly with wine producers and sells at decent prices to end-users.
  • Qualities While dealing with producers directly, the procurement staff make selective choices. Each bottle sold at 1919 has its own QR code for identification and the source can be found easily through the code. This process ensures the quality of the liquor.
  • Rich Categories 1919 has 17 years experience in the liquor business and rich choices of suppliers. There are more than 7,000 SKU’s on 1919 platform and the number will continually grow.
  • Logistics When 1919 receives an order, the system will refer the nearest store to execute the delivery. The distribution of the offline stores plays a role by selecting warehouses near consumers.

Unique Franchising Model

Omni-channel applications are considered crucial when it comes to saving operational costs and ensuring fast delivery. Therefore, 1919 have the opportunity to expand quickly. In order to have better control in quality and services, 1919 creates a new type of franchising model. The investor only invests the initial costs of opening a store and 1919 does all the management and operations. This model keeps consistency in management, services and operations amongst all stores.


How To Play Omni-channel

In November 2015, 1919 acquired another online liquor brand and became the biggest online liquor platform in China. A complete Omni-channel process was built by applying smart retail solutions after the acquisition.

1919 also set up its own delivery department in order to control costs.

One of the benefits of this model is that it requires less cash flow to expand whilst closely controlling the store operations.

On May 2015, 1919 signed an agreement with Hanshow Technology for the provision of Hanshow ESL’s to all its stores. The two parties agreed to create a big data platform together in order to provide better services via data analysis.

The advantages of using Hanshow ESL in 1919 liquor stores:

  • Synchronizes online offline prices, smarter shelf management and improves efficiency for staff to find products for orders.
  • Scans QR codes on ESL’s and gets more information about products. This enables more interactions with consumers and better buying experiences.
  • Saves unnecessary marketing costs and always gives the right information.

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