AAL is the second largest airport in Denmark,and millions of people pass through the airport going to and from Denmark. AAL has an impressive Tax-free Store. In 2017, they decided to install ESL to upgrade the current store.


After thorough studies in the markets, AAL selected 2.1″, 2.9″ and 7.5″ sizes cutting edge stellar series ESL from Hanshow. Due to the extremely high security standards regulated from the airport management rule, Hanshow had to develop a special solution in order to bring the PDA’s online in a 100% secure way. Also the software solutions must run in a closed, secure virtual server environment. The solutions has been running perfectly from 2017 till now. ESL installation in an airport requires not only with the security expertise but also some challenging situation such as the plastic covered price tags in perfume area. The various ingredients of the perfume samples connects with the transparent plastic used to protect the screens. Hanshow developed and manufactured a solution with tempered glass——the knowhow for protecting the mobile phone screens. This material is tolerant towards perfume and the perfume remnants can easily be wiped of the ESL labels.


You definitely will love and enjoy yourself more in AAL’s all new digital smart duty free shop powered with Hanshow ESLs.