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Enabling intelligent retail, Hanshow to showcase Digitized Store Solutions in the National Retail Federation (NFR) Expo

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Enabling intelligent retail, Hanshow to showcase Digitized Store Solutions in the National Retail Federation (NFR) Expo

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New York – January 12th, 2020 – As a leading Digitized Store Solution provider, Hanshow Technology showcases its digitized store solution in National Retail Federation (NRF) Expo (“NRF Expo”) in New York from January 12th to 14th of 2020.

NRF is the world’s largest retail conference where retail industry experts come together to discuss the trends that are shaping the future of retail. This expo attracts 38,000 industry professionals, 16,000 retailers and more than 800 exhibitors. 80 of the top 100 retail companies and 70% of them are multinational groups.

Today Hanshow serves global retailers around the world, in more than 8,000 stores equipped with Hanshow’s cutting-edge solutions.

Leveraging interactive NFC and AI technology for seamless payment and marketing innovation, Hanshow Digitized Store Solution offers a better shopping experience for customers to easily obtain product information and pay conveniently with mobile phones.

Shanthi Rajagopalan, Business Strategy Leader, Microsoft Corp. said, “We’re pleased that Hanshow is joining us at NRF to showcase how technology is being applied to help retailers compete and succeed. As the retail industry continues to transform, our partners are critical in helping us solve retailers’ biggest challenges and uncover valuable new opportunities to reimagine retail.”

“Hanshow Technology started the collaboration with Microsoft in the spring of 2016 and it’s an exciting experience for us to work with  Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner organization and to provide integrated digitized store offerings that utilize the full capabilities of the cloud, AI and data together with Microsoft. Retail Stores are undergoing a fundamental transformation as Digital and Mobile are reshaping the digital customer journey, bringing together customers, store associates, products and the store itself. In fact, the depth, breadth, and expertise of our work with Microsoft is one of the core reasons why our customers choose to work with us,” said Shiguo Hou, executive chairman and CEO of Hanshow Technology. “The collaboration with Microsoft is a win-win relationship. Through this collaboration, we create values for our customers and as a result create values for both companies.”

About Hanshow Technology

Hanshow Technology Co., Ltd is a global leader in developing and manufacturing specializing in ESL and Omni-channel Smart Store Solutions.

With continuous innovations for years, Hanshow is dedicated to offering global customers a series of world-class high quality and premium Smart Devices and Smart Store Solutions. Hanshow’s Intelligence-enabled platforms and systems deliver customer-centric insights, helping retailers tackle operation woes and providing various tools to support optimal pricing strategies, eventually, to offer consumers more personalized experience. So far, Hanshow serves over 8000 stores in more than 40 countries and regions with its ESL and Smart Store Solutions.

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