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Bison Schweiz AG partners with Hanshow Technology

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Bison Schweiz AG partners with Hanshow Technology

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Bison Schweiz AG and Hanshow Technology are pleased to announce they have entered into a distribution partnership agreement to co-develop Swiss and German market, combining Bison's ESL Manager with Hanshow's world class quality electronic shelf labels.

Sursee- February [15th], 2020

With the rise of technology and rapidly changed consumer behavior, retailers recognize that the development of digital solution in stores are becoming critical and inevitable. The reseller cooperation between the Swiss business software specialist Bison Schweiz AG and the Zhejiang Hanshow Technology Co., Ltd, the expert for digitalization of retail store, creates a complete and proven service for international retailers.

As of today, Hanshow is serving great amount of global retailers around the world, in more than 12,000 stores which are equipped with Hanshow’s cutting-edge solutions with interactive NFC and AI technology for seamless payment and marketing innovation and furthermore, better shopping experience, that the customers could easily obtain product information and pay conveniently with mobile phones. As E-commerce continues to erode the share of physical retail stores, the trend of integration between online and offline is increasing. Therefore, flexible and efficient operation has become the most urgent direction for retailers. Hanshow’s Digital Store Solution reduces operational costs, boost revenue, improves the price management, and adds dynamic features to retail business management. Particularly, as to Hanshow ESL solution, by integrating with the Bison ESL Manager – a powerful, proven software package that offers interfaces to various data sources, manages product and label binding and controls the transfer of product data in the desired format to the shelf labels – two companies offer together an ESL solution that can be applied in every type of retail environment including hypermarkets, shopping malls, boutiques, chain stores, pharmacies and other retail sectors using price labels.

"The Bison-Hanshow partnership is a powerful combination. With Bison’s understanding and experience of local market and retail industry, we truly believe this helps both parties to generate industry leading digital store solutions and service,” said Liangyan Li, founder and VP of global market from Hanshow. "With the integration of the competitive ESL solution from Hanshow, we are adding another strong partner to our retail portfolio. So we can show our customers the best way to success and reveal the full potential of digitalization in retail stores." adds Florian Bernauer, CEO of Bison Schweiz AG.


Bison Schweiz AG
Bison Schweiz AG accompanies retailers on their way to the complete digitalisation of all retail processes. With Smart Retail, Bison delivers scalable, tailor-made and cost-efficient IT solutions for digital transformation. For more than 30 years, Bison Schweiz AG with over 300 employees has been developing and implementing ERP software solutions for companies around the world. The product portfolio is complemented by business intelligence software, complete solutions with e-Paper (ESL) at the POS and a comprehensive range of hardware and software in the mobile solutions sector. Further information:

Hanshow Technology 
Hanshow Technology Co., Ltd is a global leader in developing and manufacturing specializing in ESL and Omni-channel Smart Store Solutions. With continuous innovations for years, Hanshow is dedicated to offering global customers a series of world-class high quality and premium Smart Devices and Smart Store Solutions. Hanshow's Intelligence-enabled platforms and systems deliver customer-centric insights, helping retailers tackle operation woes and providing various tools to support optimal pricing strategies, eventually, to offer consumers more personalized experience. So far, Hanshow serves over 12,000 stores in more than 50 countries and regions with its ESL and Smart Store Solutions. Further information,please visit

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