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EuroShop 2020, a journey of digital retail experience with Hanshow

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EuroShop 2020, a journey of digital retail experience with Hanshow

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Exhibition overview
On February 16-20, EuroShop 2020 had a grand opening in Düsseldorf, Germany. As one of the largest and the most influential retail trade fairs in the world, the EuroShop attracted more than 114,000 professional visitors from over 60 countries to exchange ideas of new trends, new technologies and new solutions for future retail development.

Hanshow Technology (Hall 6 / G02), a global leader of Smart Store Solutions, was present at EuroShop 2020. Combining multi-dimensional interactions, Hanshow took the professional visitors on a high-tech journey of digital retail experience.


Digital retail journey

With the upright digital signage at the entrance, visitors could search location of their target products and hot poster information all by themselves; and then they could carry smart shopping carts to enter the store, bind their membership information, get personalized discount information, which improves shopping experience.


Marketing Digital Signage
Hanshow digital signage visually shows popular / special offers in the area, increases the exposure of in-store theme events and brand advertisements, which drives sales growth in the store.



Interaction Digital shelf

When shoppers pick up goods, the digital signage pushes corresponding introduction video to facilitate shopping decision making. Shoppers scan ESL to jump to online shopping mall, get coupons or place orders directly online, and select stores for doorstep delivery.




Out-of-stock management and fast picking

Hanshow ESLs are combined with AI image recognition to automatically check shelf layout, quickly feed back to the staff to complete replenishment and stock building so as to maximize shoppers needs and avoid sales loss. Picking clerks use hand-held mobile terminals for replenishment. System automatically optimizes the picking route and improves picking efficiency.




For different scenarios in Hanshow future retail experience stores, multiple series of Hanshow ESLs are applied to realize one-click backstage management of in-store goods info and real-time synchronization of online and offline goods info, which ensures fast implementation of various marketing events in physical stores. ESL is also an important carrier for stores to shift traffic from offline to online and collect consumer behavior data, which provides database for personalized marketing.



Leave the store

Self-service terminal & Smart trolley cart
In Hanshow future retail experience stores, shoppers can enjoy omni-channel shopping experience;

1.Smart trolley cart integrates member login, shopping, commodity scanning and checkout;

2. For in-store experience, scan Hanshow ESLs in the store to place orders online and get delivery from the store;

3. Through Hanshow self-service terminal, complete self-service check-out;

4. Regular cashier checkout



Contract signing on site

Hanshow digital store solution is based on the combination of IoT intelligent hardware, big data and AI technology. It centers on users and comprehensively digitalizes “people, goods and scenarios” in the offline retail business. By offering solutions such as electronic shelf labels, digital marketing, digital shelves, self-service checkout and smart shopping carts, we can support stores to achieve digital upgrading to effectively reduce cost investment, improve shopping experience as well as store management and operation efficiency.



Because of Hanshow’s rich practical experience and expertise in global digital stores, at the EuroShop, Bartels-Langness, a German retailer with a history of 125 years, decided to sign a cooperation agreement with Hanshow on site, expecting to realize digital management of in-store commodity information through vigorous application of Hanshow’s electronic shelf labels, and combine with a number of Hanshow's digital store solutions to realize full-scenario digitalization of stores.

Continuous innovation and development

Hanshow is the best practicer in China’s new retail industry. Cooperation with global retailers enables us to provide valuable suggestions for customers based on our insight into the advanced business model of China’s new retail industry. Additionally, with the cutting-edge technology and a strong team, Hanshow will continue to output leading digital store solutions and promote innovation and development of retail industry jointly with retailers.









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