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Auchan and Hanshow Combining to Deliver the Ultimate in ESL

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Auchan and Hanshow Combining to Deliver the Ultimate in ESL

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Auchan Retail Group founded in Lille in north of France in 1961, is the second largest retail-based business group in France. Auchan is a Fortune 500 Global organization, operating in 17 countries through more than 4000 stores.

As a world leading retailer, Auchan hopes to create a better consumer experience in the store environment through optimizing technology and retail solutions.

They achieved this by partnering with Hanshow who are a leading provider of electronic shelf labels and related Omni- channel solutions.



The strategic partnersh4ip with Hanshow and Auchan is a global exclusive agreement for the ESL supply to all stores in the group. . The first store – My Chevreau. has been installed and together with the local partner Instore Solution, Hanshow completed the installation in only 3 days. The newly installed My Chevreau store utilizes the highly interactive Hanshow ESL series in order to pursue a better consumer experience, optimize the store management process and enrich its marketing capabilities.



In June this year, Auchan launched the first BingoBox store (a 24hr store without any staff) in Shanghai. The store covers a footprint of about 15 m2 and offers food and non-food items, with a total of 500 SKU’s in the store. The store is dependent on Hanshow ESL to display commodity information. Customers c1an easily start the shopping process as follows- “code scanning for in-store using WeChat or AliPay to scan QR Codes for identification —commodity selection—self-help cashier—departure from store”, an entirely self-service and unattended process. Hanshow ESL’s an indispensable role by enabling all-smart paperless operations and price updating through a one-stroke backend system operation, thus allowing price consistency and synchronization both online and offline.


Auchan Retail plans to roll out the Hanshow ESL model into its supermarkets and hypermarkets.


As the new retail movement is gaining traction, the industry is particularly in need of new technology and applications. Focusing on customer concerns and challenges, Hanshow provides competitive solutions and services, delivers on its commitment to customer success and seizes the opportunities of change brought about by the new retail mindset, in an effort to bring ESL more in line with the current trends of retail industry in terms of hardware, software and solutions.

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