JDA and Hanshow Technology Partner to Deliver Intelligent Category Management

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Strategic cooperation seamlessly aligns category planning with shelf execution, providing retailers with integrated category solutions

Shanghai, China – March 14, 2018 – JDA Software, Inc. and Zhejing Hanshow Technology Co., Ltd. today announced a strategic partnership, which will give full play to the advantages of both parties in the retail industry, seamlessly linking category planning with the execution of shelves, and providing Category Management solutions to retail companies with more intelligence.

The fast growth of China’s retail business, especially with new retail technology, has already taken the lead in the world. e-Commerce companies investing in B&M stores, while traditional retailers sought breakthroughs in online business. The competition becomes ever intense. Those who can better understand local consumer buying preferences and shopping habits, and place the right number of right products in the right place on the shelves, win more consumers and gain greater competitive advantage.

According to Mr. Zhang Li, Vice President of Hanshow Technology, “We are honored to cooperate with JDA. JDA is a benchmarking company in category management and has very deep expertise and rich experience in the retail industry. The core of the “new retail” is people. For retailers, consumers are the king, and employees are wealth. JDA’s scientific data analysis and category optimization solutions can help retailers understand consumers and better serve consumers on the shelf side; Hanshow’s digital price tag can simplify the day-to-day work of the store labor and improve store operation efficiency. By using smart devices, JDA category planning data and optimization results will be immediately and directly connected to the store shelves, which is convenient and quick, and also lower manual mistakes.

Under the new retail environment, it is of utmost importance to have the ability to optimize category management, and to display the shelves scientifically and reasonably to ensure goods on the shelves meet local shopping habits and maximize shelf profitability. Meanwhile, excellent plans can be quickly executed in stores, which will also greatly increase execution speed and efficiency.

Amit Bagga, President of JDA Asia Pacific, said: “Changing of printed labels in store is time consuming and error-prone. Hanshow Technology’s digital price tag can timely access the latest planogram information and easily load it by only one-click. With the support of this technology, category planners can adjust the shelf display according to real-time shelf performance and better seize sales opportunities. The cooperation between JDA and Hanshow Technology will help retailers optimize the entire category process from planning to execution. The advanced management that traditional retailers would like to achieve but failed is being implemented step by step in the new retail environment.”


About Hanshow Technology

Hanshow Technology is dedicated to providing competitive end to end solutions for retailers  world wide. As an integrated and professional Interactive Shelf Label (ISl) manufacturer, hanshow is aiming to provide its customers with world class isl solutions and services. Hanshow ISL system is based on custom-made Wireless Application Protocol Technology, which is widely applied in every type of retail environment including hypermarkets shopping malls, boutiques,  chain stores, pharmacies and all other retail sectors using price labels.


About JDA

JDA Software is the leading supply chain software provider powering today’s digital transformations.  We help companies optimize delivery to customers by enabling them to predict and shape demand, fulfill faster and more intelligently, and improve customer experiences and loyalty.  More than 4,000 global customers use our unmatched end-to-end software and SaaS solutions to unify and shorten their supply chains, increase speed of execution, and profitably deliver to their customers.  Our world-class client roster includes 76 of the top 100 retailers, 77 of the top 100 consumer goods companies, and 8 of the top 10 global 3PLs.  Running JDA, you can plan to deliver.