Hanshow won the first prize with “Smart Stores in the Era of New Retail”

By 29 June 2018 No Comments

On June 15th, “The First JIA XING City Data Innovation Tournament” hosted by the Jiaxing steering committee of New Smart City, was officially held in Jiaxing.


Hanshow was invited to the exhibition and won the first prize with “Smart Stores in the Era of New Retail


This tournament aims to enhance the influence of new smart cities, establish the label of “Smart Jiaxing”, promote the booming development of smart cities,  improve the taste and the smart level of city, striving to be the benchmark of new smart city through competition of open source data; enhance the capability of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, create the atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, attract the talents from all walks, promote industrial introduction, and participate in construction and development of new smart city, and create potential of future development in Jiaxing; give full play to the value of government data, boost progress and application of data, continuously stimulate innovation of business model, increase the capability of data mining, and continuously create new economic growth points.

With profound understanding towards the revolution of retail industry and Internet Hanshow always adheres to innovation and R&D, provides the  smart stores solutions and service, and helps Omni-channel retail stores to redefine the standards for efficiency and experience. Hanshow’s interactive ESL with independent research and development replaced the traditional paper label to display the commodity information, attributing to functions such as, One-Click price changing,  and period price changing etc,, and synchronize  online and offline commodity information in real-time, and providing innovative Smart Store Solutions such as display management, O2O picking, smart marketing, smart checkout, etc., to enable retailers to improve operation efficiency and optimize the shopping experience for customers.

Till now, Hanshow Technology’s ESL products have taken the leading position in the world, provided Smart Store Solutions and Service and had 30 million ESLs installed in more than 30 countries around the world. As the industry leader, Hanshow’s market share is higher than 95% in China. Furthermore, more than 50% of Fortune 100 Retail Group in China are clients of Hanshow.