Hanshow Technology was selected in “China’s Gazelle Enterprise Value List”

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Recently, the 2018 Global Unicorn Enterprise Summit Forum was held in Chengdu. The  “Unicorn and Gazelle Enterprise Value List” was first released at the opening ceremony. In the site of this Summit Forum, Renminct, Public Opinion Data Center of and Sichuan Tianfu New Area Chengdu Management Committee jointly issued the “China Unicorn Corporate Value List” and “China’s Gazelle Enterprise Value List”, of which has 60 outstanding enterprises selected respectively, and Hanshow Technology was shortlisted in the “Chinese Gazelle Enterprise Value List”.

The Gazelle Enterprises in the “China Gazelle Enterprise Value List” specifically refer to small and medium-sized technology companies, which have core technologies, good growth, and with the potential to grow into unicorns. The selection method is combined with professional team’s screening  and experts’ recommendation firstly, and representative star technology companies were selected from 18 subdivided industries. Then the expert conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate companies combined with the public opinion analysis system, and finally selected 60 gazelle enterprises.

The Gazelle Enterprises are featured by  leading technology in specific fields, with positive business, innovation-driven, and  rapid growth. The products of the Gazelle Enterprises meet the needs of national strategies and people’s better lives, and the enterprises show greater development potential. Moreover, the Gazelle Enterprises have not yet been listed or acquired independently, and are not  the wholly-owned enterprise of other companies and with open financing records and good investment value, rapid growth of incomes and market shares. There are no more than 5 short-listed enterprises in one industry so as to achieve a wider representation.

About Hanshow

Hanshow Technology is the global leading enterprise in Electronic Shelf Label and Solutions Supplier, and enable to independently research and develop and innovate, provide integration of software and hardware solutions, as well as integrate resources of the whole industry chain. Hanshow Technology was established in 2011, which headquarter is in Jiaxing, and serves many fields, mainly including consumer products, retail, warehousing and logistics, hotels, and medical services etc.

With the diversified development of the retail industry, Hanshow Technology always insists on being driven by innovation and R & D, basing on its profound understanding of changes in the retail and Internet field. Hanshow Technology helps global customers to build up core competitive advantages by providing Smart Store solutions and services.

At present, Hanshow Technology has provided Smart Store Solutions for over 30 countries and regions worldwide. The shipment volume of Electronic Shelf Label  exceeds 30 million, and the coverage of the domestic Electronic Shelf Label  market is up to 95%.

In the current new retail environment, the online e-commerce makes layout their offline business. For example, Ali, Jingdong, and Meituan have successively opened physical stores, and their innovation modes have emerged endlessly. Moreover, traditional retails are also undergoing active transformation, such as Wal-Mart, Auchan, Wumart, Yonghui, Watson. They combine the applications of big data and smart technologies to reorganize people, goods, and markets, to improve the store’s work efficiency and consumer shopping experience. Moreover, some retail “newcomers”- smart/unmanned convenience stores have emerged, such as Xingbianli, Auchan Box, Bingo Box, Bianlifeng, and Rosen, which have an impact on traditional consumption patterns.

The popularity of new retails brings profound pursuit of digitalization and efficiency of retail stores. The afore-mentioned retailers have adopted Hanshow’s Electronic Shelf Label as their standard configuration in their various-mode stores, to connect online and offline businesses, as well as optimize the workflow of store display, picking, cash collection and marketing, achieve intelligent collection, assessment, analysis and recommendations on store management and customer consumption data.