Home is the best place to live in the world. No matter how small or how old your home is, there is no better place cozier than your home. So it is a place that is filled with of love and warmth. Everyone is very generous when investing in their home appliances to make their place warmer, but how to find a better one? And how to find a modern and more up to date store with the latest technology in Chile? —— Ferretek Tool Industry and Home Improvement store is the right place you need to visit! That´s why Ferretek is considered the most beautiful store in Latin America due to its unique boutique concept.


Although Ferretek store just opened 5 years ago in Chile, they have a very advanced store management experience. Pricing management is always a painful experience and they usually spend quite a lot of time for promotions in order to provide the customer the integral prices on the other hand. In August this year, Ferretek had replaced all the traditional price tags into the all new electronic shelf labels, protective shell and accessories from Hanshow Technology with service from STEM Group Latam. Ferretek is the first innovation company to install the digital price tags technology from Hanshow in Chile and it is also the first study case in an industrial or power tool store.


Thanks to the high working efficiency from STEM Company and the outstanding performance of Hanshow digital price tags, it just took three days to install all the tags in the Showroom. There are overall 500 units electronic shelf labels installed in Ferretek stores in phase one. Alsop, two most classic Stellar series had been rolled out throughout the group. After using the exceptionally interactive Hanshow electronic shelf labels, ” Ferretek has saved more time and money in comparison with the traditional price tags. Prices will be automatically updated, so the customers no longer have to ask prices one by one to the store staff.” –Said happily Cristina Latorre – Marketing Manager of Ferretek. Ferretek stores will be the first ones in the field to use this technology. Ferretek expexts to install more in the main store before installing more in the other branches, after they earned more confidence and benefitted more from the improved working efficiency while using Hanshow smart solutions.


There are 6 stores of Ferretek Group in total, in the following locations:

Vespucio Norte, Salida 19 A, Pudahuel, Sector Enea, Pudahuel, Santiago (the first and main Ferretek store)
13 Norte 1125, Local 5, Viña del Mar. Valparaiso Region
Los Olivos 1255, Pudahuel, Santiago
Av. El Salto 4001 (Local 4), Huechuraba, Santiago
Av. El Salto 4001 (Local 3), Huechuraba, Santiago
Av. El Salto 4001 (Local 13), Huechuraba, Santiago
Av. Vitacura 5448, Vitacura, Santiago


Don’t you want to witness and go shopping in the most beautiful tool store in Latin America and enjoy the boutique concept? Just find your nearest shop and share with us your comments right after you visited this unique retailer using leading technology digital price tags.