Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Likewise, smart phone has changed our daily life far than we had ever imagined. No matter you are on a business trip or on the way to explore the beautiful scenery spots, while you landed in Thailand, you must have the experience that your mobile operator might roam to its local operator, do you remember AIS?

Advanced Information Service Public Company Limited (AIS) is the established leader in Thailand’s Digital Life Service Provider market with more than 40 million subscribers nationally throughout Thailand. The company is a leading provider of fixed broadband, and voice and data communications services for residential and business customers throughout Thailand.


AIS has more than 30 years operation history in Thailand, as the digital life service provider , AIS never stops inventing and enhancing their services to serve today’s lifestyles with the technologies of tomorrow. Therefore, when BN AUTO, the local partner of Hanshow presents the modern digital price tags portfolio in front of the operator giant, they soon reached an agreement that AIS Siam Paragon store would like to replace all the traditional price tags into Hanshow’s electronic shelf labels as a pilot.

As we all know that this is not the first time the mobile operator company chose Hanshow’s electronic shelf label to transform their traditional retail service stores to the more digitalized smart store, you can see a lot of reformed flagship stores applied with Hanshow digital price tags in China, such as China Mobile 5G new service center stores and China Telecom 5G experience centers in different cities across China.


AIS Siam Paragon store just replaced all its traditional paper tags with Hanshow’s tri-color Middle and Large sized e-ink digital price tags within 3 days. There are various reasons to impress the largest mobile operator in Thailand but these features are really impressive:

The fastest update speed: Update all labels in 2 hours (No. of SKU: 2K~100K)

Multi-color LED light

Active NFC to support label interaction and instant updates

Automatic geolocation

Maximum battery capacity and automatic power allocation to extend product life

Real-time heartbeat for cloud monitoring

OTA firmware upgrade


This is just the beginning for AIS to avail Hanshow’s cutting edge digital price tags to develop their core smart retail solutions and refresh consumers’ views on the industrial leader in Thailand. More than 100 stores is on the digitalization journey to be equipped with Hanshow ESL solutions in the next phase in Phuket Shops and you could explore more fun while you travel or on a business trip to the beautiful country.

Hanshow and AIS would advance together with the evolution in world communication in order to consistently meet the changing demands of the modern world. Together, we warmly welcome you to visit AIS’ smart store to enjoy your happy life!

Where there is a digitalized smart store, there will be Hanshow!