According to public statistics that there are more than 20,000 pharmacies in Germany. The large chain store of pharmacies are from the food retailers and the pharmacy business faces a fierce competition in Germany obviously. Fortunately, Hanshow made a breakthrough thanks to its local partner—Woutex. Woutex is a German company which provides professional ESLs solution services for various retail customers. After thorough studies in the electronic shelf label industry, Woutex chose to work with Hanshow Technology due to its outstanding performance of the 1st global interactive electronic shelf labels.

From 2017 till now, Woutex had implemented more than 30 stores across both Germany and Austria. The ESL solution service covered the pharmacy stores in major Germany cities such as Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Cologne, and the capital city Vienna in Austria. There are more than 50,000 units Hanshow ESLs had been installed gradually because of the professional services offered by Woutex and the prominent electronic shelf labels product features of Hanshow. Some of the pharmacy stores try the digital price tag for the first time in order to replace the high cost and outdated traditional tags and labels. While, the rest of the pharmacy stores just replaced their last generation LCD electronic labels into the more up to date Hanshow’s E-paper display and interactive electronic shelf labels.


What are the reasons that the pharmacy stores choose Hanshow’s digital price tags? And how could the electronic shelf labels assist the smooth transformation from the traditional pharmacy store to a digitalized store? Let us witness partial of the clients’ key words feedback and users’ experience from the survey which had been carried out by Woutex:

“very fast price changes”

“legally compliant” (remarks: pharmacies have some special compliance standards they have to follow)

“low consultation requirement” (remarks: most pharmacies do not show prices or they take it on the bottom of the article, and customers do not see the price and have to ask the employees)

“avoid wrong prices”

“more efficient”

Furthermore, Woutex would complete one entire pharmacy store project within one day! Based on the best practices so far, the most popular pharmacy store models and the percentage of the installed ESLs are Small size 3-color stellar series up to 90% and 10% Medium size 3-color series price tags.


Where there is a digitized pharmacy store, there will be Hanshow!

Founded in 2011, Hanshow is a leading provider of ESLs and smart store solutions serving traditional retail, new retail, pharmacies, department stores, fashion, health care, and the entertainment industries. Hanshow tops the industry with more than 100 global intellectual properties including trademarks, software copyright and etc. Moreover, we had registered our appearance design patent copyright and other relative copyright in Euro union and other regions in the world. With the diversified development of the retail sector, Hanshow helps clients build their core competencies with smart store solutions and services. Currently, Hanshow provides ESL and smart store solutions in over 8,000 stores in more than 40 countries and with a 95% market share in China.

Woutex GmbH & Co. KG based in Wiesloch-Walldorf, is a full service provider for ESL. The core business is ESL. The passion is to provide the best ESL solutions for every customer. That means – Hardware – Software – Integration – Mounting/fixing accessories, Installation of the whole store and after sales services.