As scheduled, European Commercial Retail Trade IT Technology and Security Solution Exhibition (EUROCIS) which is held once a year,was opened on February 27th until March 1st, 2008 in Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre, Germany. Hanshow participate this leading trade fair for retail technology with its latest interactive ESL and the Hanshow Smart Store solutions in this trade fair.

Along with the upsurge of the trend of integration of online and offline in the retail industry, besides optimizing the immediate price change and synchronizing the online and offline information, the bidirectional interactive function among Hanshow ESLs, consumers or and store staff is added so as to effectively optimize work flow, improve shopping experience and increase overall operation efficiency of the store.

Visitors could visit Hanshow stand to experience the Smart Store solutions such as Planogram Management, NFC touch-type consumption, scanning shopping, individualized LED promotion,etc. , in the  EUROCIS.

ESL ⇋ shop assistant

Planogram Management

Merchandising Planning: interface with the Planogram Management system, intelligently push the goods information displayed on the ESL on the basis of the modular in order to optimize the traditional operation and effectively implement the merchandising planning.

Paperless operation in the whole process: paperless operation in the whole processes including pushing the modular, reloading the goods information and display information of the ESL, display check, display adjustment, etc. It is efficient and environment-friendly.

Automatic checking tool: fast check and scan the ESL/goods, and the system will automatically cross check with the planogram to judges the correctness and then supplements automatic collection.

Output of management report: provide the KIP report of display ratios, and strictly implement the management.

ESL consumer

Interactive experience

NFC function: the consumer can touch the price tag with the mobile phone which then pops out the page of goods information. It supports the consumer to receive coupons (when receives the coupons, the price tag shows the residual number of the coupons at real time).

Scan Go: scan the ESL with the mobile phone and jump to the online shopping.

Light indication: the LED light of the ESL is ON to indicate the information of different coupons (for example, in the trade fair: blue light for 10% discount, green light for 25% discount and red light for 50% discount).