On 28th, January, the first “Lenovo Smart Life” store opened in Beijing Empark Grand Hotel, marking the official start of Lenovo’s new revolution in retail IT.


Under the new retail environment, the online and offline businesses tend to converge and shifting their attention to “Consumer”. Lenovo has also responded actively. “Lenovo Smart Life” has added featured products and diversified experience designs in the store. And it uses Internet tools and artificial intelligence technologies to reconstruct the relationship between consumer, goods and physical Stores. By integrating and renovating online and offline retailing, it has achieved speed-up in retail sales, reduction in retail cost, and improvement in retail efficiency and user experience.


With the opening of Lenovo Smart Life store, the “4S” connotation of  Lenovo stores is also enriched and upgraded. Its 4S stores have upgraded the sales of smart devices, customer-friendly IT service, Super VIP rights, and seamless on-line and offline services.

  • Featured smart device sales

Breaking the traditional rift between online and offline shops, adopting the marketing strategy of setting the same price for online and offline;

  •  Customer-friendly IT Services

Providing personalized IT services, providing specialized solutions to customers’ problems;

  • Black Technology Products Show

Not only selling products, but also showing all kinds of black technology products. Customers are free to experience when they step into a store;

  •  Open social experience

Creating a new social marketing model, launching diverse membership welfare activities on a regular basis.

It is known that Lenovo Smart Life stores include the products of  Lenovo’s own brand and its incubated brand as well as Lenovo’s featured products, covering areas like smart home, smart wearable devices, and full scene entertainment. The SKU of products in the store mounts up to more than 400 now, and it is estimated that the total number of online and offline product categories will be over 1000 in the future. Lenovo Smart Life’s opening activities this time include customization zone, interactive classroom zone, smart life zone, as well as two new experience zones—Smart home and AR / VR products. At the same time, the store also provides integrative smart service such as maintenance, training, consulting, experience, and customization.


Customers who go to offline stores can also enjoy the same price and promotions as in online stores, and all the products at Lenovo Smart life stores are equipped with standard Hanshow ESL price management system to achieve the online and offline prices are automatically synchronized and support the completion of changing prices for stores nationwide with just one click. Moreover, by simply scanning the ESL QR code, customers can check the product’s details, achieve online payment, real-time sharing and other operations. And the staff of the store can also know about the inventory and stock of goods through ESL, thus providing users digital, personalized, and intelligent services to customers beyond expectation.

CEO of Tianxi Legend Technology Co., Ltd, Zhou Ming: “Stores like the new retail store as Lenovo Smart Life, Tianxi Legend plans to open 150 in the country next year, and the company will adopt an iterative fashion of transformation to promote the reform of the new retail system.” The effectiveness of ESL for store management.