What’s on your mind while talking about Brazil?

Country of South America that occupies half the continent’s landmass.

The fifth largest country in the world.

Also famous for the exuberant and lively Carnival…….

No matter you are a sports fan or not, we can name the football superstars in Brazil. On the other hand we can’t take our eyes from Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and other super models.

10 years ago, the leaders of BRIC countries made the first summit and in 2010 BRIC became a formal institution. Among these countries, China and Brazil are working together closely for lots of joint efforts to boost the trade and economy development between these two countries. Hanshow technology, as a global leading provider of ESL and smart store solutions will provide its series flagship IoT ESLs to help our local retail partner–Abeve Supermarket Group to build up their core competencies with the smart store solutions and services. Please follow the famous local TV host to take a look on how this traditional retailer transforms in the largest Latin American country.


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Hanshow is honored to be highlighted in a report from famous local media because of the outstanding ESLs product performance. Abeve Supermarket Group is one of the largest retailers in Brazil. The group selected some of the stores that are in fierce competition to install Hanshow IoT ESLs to enhance their customers’ shopping experience and they would like to transform their traditional retail stores into the new retail stores such as 7 fresh of JD Group in China.


Hanshow IoT ESLs serve the digitalization of the Abeve retail store for the following features:

Smart Display: The exquisite looking ESLs could upgrade the store display and view and lower the labor cost by the digitalization; “Let‘s change all the rest paper tags in the frozen area into Hanshow’s specialized frozen zone ESLs” said the CEO from Abeve Chain store management team after viewing the overall new display in stores in person with great satisfaction.

Punctual promotion management: Abeve stores applied around 10,000 units of Hanshow ESLs for partial categories products and the ESLs can set the price according to the demand and supply and simultaneously adjust the price in real time without manual operation.

Smart Marketing Campaign: The agile store management team also earns a bonus cash flow by Hanshow ESLs’ state of the art flashing function design. The food and beverage brand suppliers are always willing to buy the “glittering price zone” to promote their product lines to appeal the customers.


Hanshow’s IoT ESLs debut in Abeve Supermarket Group not only empower the traditional top retailer transformation but also create unique new business profit models in the Brazilian retail industry. Hanshow is dedicated to provide insightful advice and recommendations to global partners, based on deep experience of global and regional new retail business models. Hanshow always provides partners with the most advanced and professional expertise. If you look to lead the future of retail, partner with Hanshow!

Where there is a digitalized retail store, there will be Hanshow!