In 2018 the Fourth China Smart City International Expo was held from August 21st to 23rd in Shenzhen. Hanshow joined with E Ink to showcase it’s latest solutions during the Expo.

The Smart City Expo is themed with “New era, new journey – digital China, smart society”, aiming to exhibit successful cases of new smart cities in China and abroad and demonstrate the achievement of digital economic development with the key words of “high-end, professional, pragmatic and selective”.

The development of retail industry, as closely related to people’s livelihood, is an integrated part in the construction of a smart city. The new retail demo center collaboratively designed by Hanshow and E Ink mainly shows electronic shelf label (ESL) & smart store solutions. Visitors can find out how to restructure the relationship among “people, product and place” by adopting these solutions, so as to improve people’s shopping and working experience.


Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

Hanshow’s ESL replaced the traditional paper label to display the commodity information, attributing to functions such as One-Click price changing, connecting online and offline. ESLs are equipped with e-ink screens, with obvious advantages, such as perfect 180° viewing angles and low power consumption. There is no power consumption at static state, only when refreshing the screen. Also, lattice e-paper supports user to customize the screen displays content.


Hanshow’s third generation products are being currently being launched at exhibitions. As the world’s first interactive electronic shelf label, it supports two-way transmission and remote upgrading, with three-color display: black, white and red or black, white and yellow. Also, it strengthens interactivity among  ESLs, shop assistants and consumers and could be integrated into many smart store solutions, with functions such as LED flash light, NFC and page switch of ESLs.

Smart Store Solution

With a profound understanding towards the revolution of new retail and a strong   independent innovation ability, Hanshow offers multiple new retail solutions, including smart display, smart picking, smart marketing, smart cashier and smart map, helping stores to realize digitalized application scenarios.


Smart Cashier

At the exhibition, visitors can experience different solutions in person, such as scanning ESL with a mobile phone (Scan Go) or touching the ESL with an NFC enabled phone (Touch Go) to check product information, collect coupons or finish payment online. Once the shopping is done, there will be a code for customers to scan for verification before leaving. Besides, customers have another option to shop on the self-service terminal, which optimizes their shopping experience.

Smart Marketing

ESL is used as a gateway in  physical stores in Hanshow’s smart marketing solution, to realize interaction with customers. Through ESL, a closed data loop is created from data generation, data collection, data analysis to data managementin a marketing scenario. All customer behaviors are able to be observed, such as which coupon was collected at what time and through which methods (scan go, touch go, self-service shopping and traditional shopping) shopping was done and which payment method was adopted, and in-depth analysis and management are offered to enhance a store’s area-effectiveness.

Smart Display

Besides, Hanshow  integrates ESL, AI technology and big data technology to realize digitalized product display, goods shelf monitoring and user recognition. The data only obtained by e-commerce in the past can be collected in store now and thus to enhance store management efficiency. On Expo, Hanshow exhibits electronic shelf management solution with image recognition technology and ESL integrated: products goes out of shelves→ stock-out reminder from system→ ESL refreshes to be out-of-stock model and ESL lights up to remind shop assistant → finish replenishment → display back to normal status.

E Ink is the originator, pioneer and commercial leader in ePaper technology. The company delivers its advanced display products to the world’s most influential brands and manufacturers, enabling them to install extremely durable, low power displays in previously impossible or unimaginable applications and environments.  E Ink encompasses the combined E Ink Corporation, which was spun out of the MIT Media Lab in 1997 to commercialize electronic ink and EPD technology, and Prime View International, which was established in 1992 as the first TFT LCD company in Taiwan, focusing on high quality small-to-medium-sized TFT LCDs. In 2009, Prime View acquired E Ink Corporation to further integrate and expand the EPD supply chain and the newly combined companies were branded as E Ink. E Ink’s corporate philosophy centers around delivering revolutionary products, excellent user experiences, and environmental benefits through advanced technology development.

About Hanshow

Hanshow Technology is the global leading enterprise in Electronic Shelf Label and Solutions Supplier, capable to independently research and develop and innovate, provide integration of software and hardware solutions, as well as integrate resources of the whole industry chain. Hanshow Technology was established in 2011, its headquarter is in Jiaxing, and R&D and management center is in Beijing, and serves many fields, including consumer products, retail, warehousing and logistics, hotels, and medical services etc. With the diversified development of the retail industry, Hanshow Technology always insists on being driven by innovation and R & D, basing on its profound understanding of changes in the retail and Internet field. Hanshow Technology helps global customers to build up core competitive advantages by providing Smart Store solutions and services.

Till now, Hanshow Technology has taken a leading position in the world, provided Smart Store Solutions and ESLs for more than three thousand stores in more than 30 countries around the world. As an industry leader, Hanshow’s market share is higher than 95% in China.