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The first cross-border physical store of Tmall settled in Hangzhou

By 4 May 2018 No Comments

The offline landing of cross-border E-commerce seems to embrace the new direction.

On April 20, the first cross-border new retail offline store of Tmall International formally started soft opening.


All the commodities in the store are bonded products directly sold by Tmall, and the selection of the commodities is based on the consumers characteristics within 5km around the West Lake Intime City according to the big data of Tmall.

It can be seen from the data provided by Tmall International, the proportion of customers aged 26-35 around West Lake Intime City accounts for more than 35%, which is estimated to be higher 19% than average in office buildings, and the consumers who like grape wine and lipstick is 35% and 12% respectively.

Therefore, the commodities sold in the store includes over 3700 brands from more than 70 countries, such as cosmetics, personal care products, infant products, toys, health care products, high-end red wine, bags and ornaments,etc.


All the commodities in the store adopt Hanshow ESL to keep same price online and offline, when purchasing, customer only needs to open Taobao in mobile phone, and scan the QR code on the ESL to place order online, then pay for the commodities.


Wang Haoyang, the Government Affairs Senior Expert of Tmall International, expressed that consumers have increasingly higher demand for overseas products as the consumption upgrade, which stimulated the development of the cross-border retail. Since 2014, China’s the cross-border retail business volume keeps increasing with multifold speed every year. It is known that relying on the Cainiao supply chain, Tmall International offline store will also consider expanding in Ningbo and Shenzhen.