The Era Of Omni-Channel

How to smart your store?

The diversified development of the retail industry brings many opportunities. With a profound understanding of the industry and the IoTinternet, we are driven by innovation and R&D, Hanshow provides smart solutions and services for the new retail environment, helping all our clients to build up their core competitiveness.

Features and Advantages of Hanshow Electronic Shelf Labels
Benefits of Smart Electronic Shelf Label

Save Costs

Smarter pricing lower labor costs.

Paperless operation lower operational costs.

Benefits of Smart Electronic Shelf Label

Management Optimization

Price update, shelf management, order picking management save 60% workload.

Provide reminder of products warranty, order picking and promotion.

Check product status via smart phones in real time.

Benefits of Smart Electronic Shelf Label

Operational Efficiency

React to any promotion strategies quickly by having the ESL system in stores.

The QR code displayed on the label screen can be used for applying online coupons and other marketing activities.

Benefits of Smart Electronic Shelf Label

Buying Experiences

More content can be displayed on e-label.

Add more values to retails by using LBS\NFC\APP.

More interactions with customers.

Benefits of Smart Electronic Shelf Label

Marketing  Influence

Smart Retail increases retailers’ brand reputation in the market.

Smart ESL solution is the bridge towards the future IOT.

World leading smart store solutions to transform stores with innovations!

Hanshow offers integrated Omni-channel solutions for retail stores with a collection of smart hardware devices and management software. We provide our clients with
The infrastructure for digitization and product on-line
Adapters which connect various retail scenarios, and capacity amplifiers
A set of practical smart apps and tools to help traditional retailers to cut operating costs and improve management efficiency!

Smart dataSmart MappingSmart MarketingSmart PaymentSmart Picking
ESL Retail Solutions


Update prices in real time
Price updates simply done on back-office system.

Price Synchronization
Prices automatically synchronizes online offline.

Information Synchronization
Products information also synchronizes online offline.

ESL Retail Solutions


Better Shelf Management
Better execution in shelf management and easier evaluation on working processes.

Paperless Operation
Improve working efficiency and lower the operation costs.

ESL Retail Solutions

Fresh Area

Price Management
Automatic price synchronization enables the store staff react to the prices update quickly and reduce the unnecessary loss in fresh food.

Information of stock status can be found in the system in real time.

Fresh food can be cleared in time in order to reduce the unnecessary waste.

ESL Retail Solutions


Route Guidance
The system provides the best route for store staff to the find the target item.

Picking Indicator
The LED indicator on label highlights the target item to be picked up.

ESL Retail Solutions


Customer Buying Behavior Analysis
Collecting customers’ buying behavior through APP/POS/ESL/QR code/CRM.

Targeted Marketing
By understanding customer behavior, retailers will be able to conduct effective marketing activities to the right target groups.