The global front-end APPs are clustered in Dubai, where various new techs are integrated into People’s life and provide the more efficient lifestyle and better experience for customers.


Comparison of data before and after NESTO applying ESLs:

The rate of simultaneously updating goods price and information increases by 98%;

The inventory management efficiency increases by 74%;

The shelf aesthetics has been significantly improved by 83%;

The store’s turnover has increased by 2%.



Hanshow’s ESLs update the product prices by one-click, optimize the process of changing prices, and decreases the time of price variation by an average of 5 hours per day.

Staffs increase the work efficiency from 70% to 95%, without the mistake in updating ESLs, which avoids the customer complaint caused by the spread.

Staffs are relieved from tedious work, have more opportunities to communicate with consumers and pay more attention to sales.


Muneer Abdurahman, IT director of NESTO, says that the ESL solution to the store can be applied and automatically manage the product promotion, create the more efficient operation and effectively enhance the competitiveness.

Those friends who travel to Dubai are welcomed to experience the convenient consumption and Hanshow’s smart store solution in NESTO.