Discover the attractive digitalization store of the largest Chinese Supermarket in France

Paris, France. What impressed you the most while we talk about Paris? Everybody has his or her own favorite list for the amazing city. Today, Hanshow would like to introduce the largest Chinese Supermarket in Paris and also the largest chain store supermarket groups in Francefor you.

Overview of Tang Supermarket

Established in 1976, Tang Frères’ main business is importing and distributing wholesale and retail food products from Asia.There are 10 stores with a warehouse of nearly 26,000m² across the whole France. Serving by its own logistics fleet and a well-functioning logistics management system, Tang Frères offers a complete service to meet the needs of the stores and the needs of for the customers.

Tang Frères selects and imports the products mainly from China and Thailand. Furthermore, they also choose premium quality products from the best food ranges of many other countries and regions, such as Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, etc.As a manufacturer and distributor of its own brands, Tang Frères also distributes well-known consumer brands, both in Asia and Europe. You can buy something quite special here because Tang Frères enjoys exclusive distribution.


Unforgettable experience on digital price tags
This is not the first time for Tang to roll out the application of digital price tags. But they are annoyed by using digital price tags before. “You can never imagine, we were left alone here while our price tags with some problems” said sadly from the store staff “we want to avail the digital price tags to improve our working efficiency but the infra red technology ESL was hindered by the promotion banner of the rice! Therefore, we can not change the price tags for promotion! Can you understand how sad we are here and urgently waiting for the promotion pricing?! “These are the true experience from Tang to use the electronic shelf labels before.

Smart Choice with Hanshow Electronic Shelf Labels


The bad experiencetortures Tang, but they have to find out the way to solve the problems. Once in a while, they find Auchan group had installed huge amount of new digital price tags with “Hanshow” Logo across France stores (Actually, Auchan had installed over 5,000,000 units Hanshow ESLs across the globe) Then, they searched on online and excited to find that Hanshow is a China raised global leading smart store solution provider and the ESL is one of their core business. After several rounds of discussion with Hanshow France team, they are impressed by Hanshow ESL for its innovative technology and high cost effectiveness.

2.webpMore than just the electronic shelf labels

Tang groups made a smart choice on HanshowESL for the following reasons:

 Leading edge wireless technology, different from infra-red technology with limited communication range and poor deflection that will make the ESL price setting be impacted seriously
 NFC technology to ease binding and unbinding freely. Hanshow just took one day to finish all the system roll out for the store. The store staff can operate with the NFC technology without WIFI network, this largely saves the cost for Tang Group and make the ESL installation more convenient.
 Faster update speed to improve the operation working efficiency and promotion price setting
 Better consumers shopping experience, front end data synchronization with back end system, the management team can better understand the big data to manage the stock and replenishment

There are more than 4000 units Hanshow Electronic shelf labels had been installed in the two busiest supermarkets with 4 different sizes digital price tags and one of the perishable store almost covered with all the freezer ESLs. Tang Group loves the black, white and red tri-color display tags very much because red means Chinese good luck color and also very obvious price displays for promotions.


“I am so proud to see the Chinese products in France and served the retail giant Auchan. I am also happy for my smart choice this time not only for the fast installation speed, reliable quality and 40% working efficiency had improved after using Hanshow ESLs in our stores.” Said with satisfaction from the owner. Mr. Chen.

Hanshow witnesses the happy smiles from the store staff and enjoyable shopping experience from the customers and more loyalties from the repurchasing customers in the stores. This is ideal application of our ESLs with mutual benefits for both retailers and consumers.


Hanshow France harvests the friendship and big dinner every time because our hearty service and premium products really helped a lot for Tang Supermarket. We take the great honor to serve every customer with hearty services and endeavors. Most important is that our products and services can win your trusts!

Last but not least, you are very welcome to visit Tang Supermarket at 8, ALL Nicolas Appert, 77185 Lognes. You can drive or take RER Aline here.

You cannot miss the opportunity to buy and taste the best Chinese food in France —- Tang Supermarket!