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Application of Hanshow ESL in Clothing Industry

By 8 April 2018 No Comments

High efficiency, convenience and experience have become the pronoun of current retail. With the property of super interaction and the capability of simplifying the workflow, Hanshow ESL has been applied in a variety of business fields, including the traditional stores and supermarkets, household, department store, 3C, uncooked and fresh foods, medical cosmetics, convenience store and innovative business forms.

Recently, Hanshow appeared in the new field again, and was formally adopted in the German sports goods store — “Fashion”.

High efficiency: Help the store to realize one-key price change, simplify the workflow of price management;

Beautiful appearance: the new generation ESL features beautiful appearance, and can improve the overall appearance of the store;

Eco-friendly: the ESL has extremely low power consumption with paper free operation during the whole process, which is green and eco-friendly, and meets the “Healthy, Fashion and Eco-Friendly” subject of sports product store.