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Hanshow has a proven record in independent R&D


Time of issue:2019-12-17 00:00:00

Electronic Labels概述

Time of issue:2019-12-17 00:00:00

Hanshow has a proven record in independent R&D, software and hardware integration and resource integration covering the entire industry. Hanshow certified with more than 100 global intellectual properties including trademarks, software copyright and etc. Moreover, we had registered our appearance design patent copyright and other relative copyright in European Union and rest of the regions across the globe.

We developed our Electronic Price Tags with the advanced interactive functionality for our clients in order to make their daily in-store operation management life easier! The digital price tags could not only improve the management from pricing to promotion but also digitalize a pleasant customer's in-store journey! The global clients are transforming traditional retail stores with the revolutionary IoT solution to face the challenges in the information technology era. 

There are various reasons to choose 
Hanshow Electronic Shelf Labels 

  • Fast update speed: Update all labels in 2H (SKU 2K~100K)

  • OTA firmware upgrade

  • Active NFC to support label interaction and instant updates

  • Multi-color LED light

  • High reliability and durability: freezer ESL can work under -20 ℃ coldest Normal ESL can work up to 30 ℃ warmest

  • Maximum battery capacity and automatic power allocation to extend product life

  • Real-time heartbeat for cloud monitoring

  • Automatic geolocation

Hanshow's NFC and Geolocation
Unique Selling Proposition

•   Complies with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A standard
•   Supports NFC NDEF data format with 200 bytes writable memory 
•   Communication distance is reachable maximum 10mm
•   Batch update of the same template 
•   More to explore after you applied our solutions 


•   Low cost solution — ESL Geolocation system 
•   Energy saving solution --- 5 year longevity 
•   Precise accuracy --- positioning within one meter with 95% accuracy 
•   Location based service and Picking, Navigation, etc. 
•   Easy operation, supporting MS Azure, local deployment and customization


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