Smart Customer Journey

Time to WISE your store!
The customer shopping Experience matters !
Reshape and rebuild your in-store pleasant journey !

Hanshow integrates a new smart store management system together with state of art IoT hardwares and devices , in order to empower retail business for omnichannel consumers. Hanshow offers a variety of retail technology solutions to attract consumers while enhancing interactive engagement in the digitalization era.

Hanshow Smart Store Solutions help you connect 
associates and consumers with the ideal way.

Digital Data

Hanshow Smart Data Solution ensures the consistency and synchronization of data online and offline. Through which can enhance the digital control towards retail outlets.

Digital Mapping

Applying with ESLs instore, Hanshow Smart Mapping System automatically collects the product location information and presents it as a map, which provides functions such as Quick Navigation, Restock Reminders and Visual Data Viewing. It can also help to evaluate space efficiency of the store.

Digital Marketing

Based on the analysis and application of big data, Hanshow Smart Marketing Solution helps retail companies to build refined data management and conducts precision marketing at SKU level. We provide several methods of marketing, including scan & go, and touch & go. By collecting and analyzing the data generated, we are able to offer customized marketing tactics, channel selection suggestions to our clients.

Digital Payment

In order to adapt to current commercial demands, our Cloud Smart Payment Solution provides integrated payment solutions which includes Scan & go, self-payment, mobile payment etc., ensuring the consistency among promotion, loyalty program, and coupon to enhance the interactivity among store, e-commerce companies and use.

Digital Picking

The aim of the smart picking solution is to help store staff quickly pick online orders from different platforms and to dispense these orders to PDA in the best possible way. Our picking system ensures automatic collection of orders and optimization of picking routes that greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the picking process and manages the whole process with independent verification function.

Shelf edge digital signage

Digital signage is used for advertising or as an information display board with attractive commercial contents highlighted with pictures, animation, and even interactive experiences in fashion shops, markets, auto showrooms and other retail environments. Digital signage is quickly becoming more common in retails ranging in size from one location mom and pop stores to massive chains.

Hanshow offers our signage more than just a display ! 


Standing to attract.
Larger and more interactive.
Deliver rich content and dynamic interaction in academic or business settings with our high-defination interactive digital displays.


Digital technology at the point of sale is now a reality,Hanshow has designed the supermarket trolley of the future, equipped with a range of functions to create an interactive shopping experience.

Hanshow KIOSK machine and Information System has been serving for self-service already . We design for one purpose – to make your in-store payment management simple and pleasant. When you buy a kiosk, we implement the specific requirements tailored to your objectives. 


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