48 ESL Installations in WuMart within 2 Months

April 15, 2017, 48 Wumart supermarkets in east China completed ESL installations within 2 months. This means all Wumart stores in East China now have replaced paper tags with Hanshow electronic shelf labels and applied online and offline real-time synchronization management.

Stores average about 6,000 square meters with over 20,000 labels per store. Reasons why Wumart chose the Hanshow ESL solution include:

  1. Store operational efficiency has been improved and labor costs saved. “By using ESL, we save about 1,500 working hours per month for each store”, says a Wumart store manager.
  2. Price accuracy is ensured, this avoids customer complaints and related compensations.
  3. Price updates are timely to ensure online and offline synchronization.
  4. Online and offline inventory are synchronised.

Additionally, Wumart will develop more functionality in their Apps based on scanning QR codes.

Over past two years, Wumart Group has undertaken significant investment in New Retail. This includes redecorating the stores, acquiring DuoDian, investment in  “offline stores + Internet” model that has become more mature than ever.

The cooperation between Wumart and Hanshow commenced in 2015 and Hanshow’s ESL solution has played a crucial role in Wumart’s New Retail transformation. More installations are expected to come soon in other areas in China.