The 20th CHINASHOP was held in Kunming during November 1st-3rd 2018. The exhibition lasts for 3 days and the theme of it is “march forward with joint might”. The exhibition area is more than 100 thousand square meters and more than 850 companies have participated in this activity. Many of the talents are gathering together to discuss about new mindset, technology, direction and the possibility for further cooperation. Hanshow also attended this exhibition as the supplier of world-leading smart shop solutions.

2018 Hanshow new product release conference

In the morning of November 1st, the 2018 Hanshow new products release conference was held, the released content includes the Hanshow smart store solution and the Hanshow brand new electronic price tag.

2_副本The smart store solution: smart hardware: electronic shelf label, self-service terminal, digital display terminal, shelf long screen, TAKE sensor and smart application: smart payment, smart marketing, smart goods picking, smart display and smart map.

The brand new electronic shelf label: New generation ESL, Fashion Tag series, the 4th generation of communications protocol, the 3rd generation of communication base, information sharing and cooperation.

The exhibition booth

With the paper folding design style and onsite experience of smart shop solution, the Hanshow booth is regarded as good-looking, digital and experience-oriented.


165 pieces of 7.5 inch electronic shelf labels are shown together and the image is changed every 30 seconds, which clearly demonstrates the visual effect and update rate of the tags.

Smart shop experience zone, live interaction and experience

7_副本Smart marketing: create a coupon in the back end, onsite price tag refreshes the marketing template very fast, add QR code access and use the light to remind customer of discount, the customer can get the coupon very conveniently (by scanning the QR code of touch NFC) and finish payment online.


Smart payment: Hanshow self-service terminal, it supports the membership identification, self-help product scanning, online code scanning purchase and NFC touch verification; smart shopping cart: the customer log in the membership account to get the cart, and then finish the whole shopping process include choosing or returning the products, collecting the coupons and payment by using the self-help cart.


Smart display: onsite demonstration of the out of stock situation management. By using the image recognition technology, the backend can show the situation of the products (normal, limited supply or out of stock).


Smart map: the customer can scan any of the price tag or search the product by the Hanshow self-help terminal to find the route to the right product.


Take application: the customer picks up the product and the relevant information will pop up in the screen; the shop owner can monitor the sales situation in the back end.


Brand new electronic shelf label

Electronic shelf label

Hanshow self-service terminal: Self-service Payment, Scan & Go, Scan& Go Payment Verification, Receipt Printing


Communication base: the 3rd generation of communication base & wifi integrated base station


A bar-shaped screen: HD display, real-time interaction information


Awards and honors

In this Chinashop, Hanshow won the gold award of the “SHOP! Competition”, “2018 Golden Wings Award-the best performed product in the market” and “2018 Golden Wings Award-the most concerned and popular product”.





Hanshow Team


On the 31st of October the Hanshow Forum on the Insight into “Smart” Retail (Kunming) was held successfully. Hanshow invited customers and partners in various industries to discuss the path to the new retail. This Hanshow salon theme forum on the Insight into “Smart” Retail was hosted by Cheng Xiangmin, the Editor-in-Chief of Linkshop, and Yu Leiqi, JINGDONG 7FRESH’s brand director, Chen Daoxin, PARKnSHOP’s IT director, Li Lina from HUAGUAN in Beijing, and Zhang Li, Hanshow’s vice general manager were invited to discuss how to further digitize stores and share excellent examples of digitized stores.