The 1st Anniversary of Strategic Cooperation between Hanshow and Auchan Retail

By 13 July 2018 No Comments

On May 7th, 2018, the conference of the 1st anniversary of global strategic cooperation between Hanshow Technology and Auchan Retail was successfully held in the global headquarter of France Auchan Retail. In the conference hall, Auchan Retail warmly welcomed Hanshow which was invited to attend. After a simple speech for welcome, both parties started nearly two hours’ conference communication.


Hou Shiguo, who is Hanshow CEO, firstly gave a lecture for Hanshow’s future retail vision and innovation plan which focus on Smart Your Store, and launched a heated discussion with Auchan Retail team. In addition, Hanshow team also showed the new generation of base station demonstration with integration of WiFi and the base station as a whole, which cooperated with Huawei. Hanshow’s creativity was highly approved by the conference attendees. Under the background of new retail, Hanshow always keeps on working hard and innovating for the ideas of increasing retail speed, decreasing retail cost, improving retail efficiency and user’s experience, and transferring business focus to PEOPLE.


Then Auchan Retail team shared Auchan Retail development plan for 2025, and the vision and planning of the electronic shelf labels. In the last 18 months in France, Auchan Retail continuously kept its transition, making customers become its key business and itself become a data-centered and data-oriented enterprise. Auchan Retail aims to create a new shopping time – Phygital Retail. The whole transition depends on the Electronic Shelf Labels which are the carrier of the store Internet of Things. In future, Auchan Retail and Hanshow will have a further cooperation to accelerate the test and arrangement in 8 countries and continuously advance the global cooperation strategy between the two parties.


After the conference, guided by Auchan Retail, Hanshow team visited the exhibition hall of Hanshow innovation laboratory which is located in Auchan Retail headquarter. The innovation laboratory is in the beginning stage now and is exclusively used for displaying Hanshow labels and solutions. Auchan Retail and Hanshow will further reinforce and deepen the content, and promote their cooperation and communication.