China’s retail industry has experienced the following stages, 10 years (2000-2010) development of offline retail and golden 5 years development of online retail. 2016 is called the starting year of Omni-channel. During last year, the concept of Omni-channel has been brought to the stage and accepted by the market. Experts predict that in the next 5 years online and offline retail will be fully integrated; new technologies and applications will change the entire industry completely. 

Hanshow does not only define itself as a hardware manufacturer. Hanshow started with providing reliable hardware, which is where it is now. In the near future, Hanshow will position itself as a solution provider and later will become a service provider in the industry.


Focused on products, applications and services

Electronic shelf label is not new and has a history of 20 years globally. In recent years, Hanshow Technology has spent great efforts on promoting ESL solutions to the world. In this era of the 2nd generation ESL, Hanshow’s products become an inevitable media for Omni-channel model and enables the data on the back office are connected with the data on front. This empowers more interactions between customers and stores.

Originally, ESL was called “wireless electronic shelf labels.” Hanshow has done a lot of work on “wireless”, such as increasing communication speed, making the labels are stable and secure; upgrading functionalities and having more interactive features. Hanshow also prepared a range of selections of accessories for ESL installations in order to better reflect the attributes of goods. A wider range of labels are also designed for retailers and they are easy to apply and maintain. 

What the Omni-channel electronic shelf labels can do for retailers?


In Omni-channel model, it is important to connect and synchronize data. The role of electronic shelf label is to synchronize online and offline product information, marketing and member information. ESL can become interactive price labels these days, which optimize the store management processes as well as create more interactions between customers and stores.

Hanshow ESL does not only applied in retail, but also in other business categories, such as conferences, hospitals and hotels.

Future plans


As technology continues to evolve, Hanshow is also constantly develop new technologies. The Omni-channel is the future trend of the retail industry and Hanshow will focus on the Omni-channel system and smart store devices.

Additionally, by having the advantages in supply chain, Hanshow has provided “electronic shelf labels + Omni-channel operating mode + data collection” solutions to some of innovative retailers in China. Hanshow has already started to move from a hardware supplier into “China’s leading provider of the Omni-channel solutions”.

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