Hanshow No.1 Electronic Price Solution Provider Worldwide in 3 Years

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Our Conquest is the Sea of Stars

January 21, 2017, the completion ceremony of the new building of Hanshow Group was officially held. As the new headquarters of Hanshow Group, this new building area of 1686 square meters, located in Beikejian Innovation Park is the sales center of East China region and provides after-sales service, also participate in a part of the R & D. The completion of this new headquarters building marks a new starting point for the development of Hanshow.

On 21th, distributors from Denmark, Italy, South Africa, Germany, Russia and other countries attended the ceremony. They participated in the annual meeting of the 2017 Hanshow as well.

A number of government officials of Jiaxing City, representatives of the Chinese largest banks, representatives of Chinese distributors and shareholders also participated in the celebration. “As a business leader of Jiaxing, the development of Hanshow has been greatly fast and admirable. We hope Hanshow make persistent efforts to achieve the goal in the foreseeable future. “Said the Government officials.

Hanshow as a provider of electronic price tag solutions from China is bringing changes to the ESL market. “The world’s largest EPD diaphragm and display module company has reached a strategic alliance with Hanshow.” Mr. HOU Shiguo, founder and chairman of Hanshow, reaffirmed in the company-wide annual convention, January 2017 in Jiaxing, ” Hanshow not only makes ESL, but to provide a complete set solutions of Omni-channel Retailing to the global retailers. ”

By 2016, Hanshow’s products have entered the world’s 20 countries. “China has advanced 10 years of technology and concept leadership in the retail industry,” said Mr. Li Liangyan, vice president of Group Hanshow and general manager of Hanshow France. “In addition to an excellent service and competitive prices, Hanshow will bring China’s outstanding scientific and technological achievements to the world in 2017.”

In China, Hanshow has 95% market share. According to forecasts, the Chinese market will appear in the demand blowout within 3 years.

The unique advantages of retailing in China have enabled retail-related technologies and ideas to be fully validated. In fact, innovation is the most core competitiveness of Hanshow. Nearly three-quarters of the employees on the 18th and 19th floors of its Beijing office are R & D personnel.
“In 2017, Hanshow will start the development of the next generation of ESL systems, and we will redefine the standard for ESL systems and Omni-channel Retailing,” said Mr. HOU Shiguo.

There is no doubt that China is the forerunner of full-channel retail: a large customer base and hard-working scientific research personnel created a number of innovations in the rapid development in China.

By 2015, the size of the E-commerce has exceeded 12.5% of the total retail sales. “After years of development, E-commerce has resulted in a bottleneck in both the online and offline sectors,” he said. “Only by effectively synchronizing online and offline can we effectively re-activate the sector.” From our current case, the benefits of a full-channel application for the innovation store are obvious: users scan the price tag for more information and user reviews, and use coupons for coupons. ”

Mr. HOU Shiguo said that Hanshow “by 2020, become the world’s No.1 supplier of electronic shelf label solutions; to 2022, become the world’s leader of Retailing solution providers.

A few days of activities, Hanshow’s nearly 200 employees have showed a positive and dynamic mental outlook. They committed to double efforts in 2017, to achieve the goal as soon as possible.

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