March 5th 2017, the 18th Euroshop was held in Dusseldorf Germany. Euroshop is held every three years and it is the biggest and most influential retail show in the world. Global retailers and retail service providers gathered together in Dusseldorf to explore the future technologies and new trends in industry.

In 5 days, Hanshow received 1000’s of visitors from more than 50 countries. Compared to the Euroshop 3 years ago, Hanshow presented itself with a very different image with an international appearance and a new series of labels. The booth was decorated with a wall that was full of blinking stars and this was the eye-catching spot of the whole hall. Amongst “the stars”, Hanshow interactive shelf labels become the highlight of the booth and attracted thousands of visitors. Hanshow interactive shelf label (ISL) is designed to interact with users and enable users to define how to use the label to communicate. This additional functionality does not only improve the working efficiency in stores, but also ease the management processes.

As the leading ESL solution provider in China, Hanshow has witnessed and experienced the transformation in Chinese retail together with Chinese retailers in the last couple of years. By having a deep understanding of “New Retail”. Hanshow has the ability and the experience to understand retailer needs during the transformation process and provides them with solutions that can ease this process. Today retail is no longer as profitable as it was many years ago, retailers are required to be more interactive with consumers; provide consumers with bigger range of services; increase store performance in general; lower operational costs and even to generate more profits. ESL becomes an inevitable device in this innovation because it synchronizes all data and makes the “Omni-channel Store” become real.

During the show, Hanshow also presented to visitors on how to use e-labels to collect coupons via smart phones and pay the bill with smart phones. It is a very small part of Omni-channel store practice in China, but it opens a door to the world of Omni-channel solutions to global visitors.