Recently, COOP hypermarket business opened a new concept store at Bicocca Village in Milan. By applying Hanshow Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), the store projects an advanced technology image. This gives customers a fantastic shopping experience, which is the perfect interpretation of the Coop slogan – “Designed for ALL”.

In the fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and cheese area, the Hanshow interactive labels are the highlight of the store. When a customer picks up an item, the label displays products details such as raw materials, nutritional values, and characteristics. This does not only increase management efficiency, but also improves the buying experience in store.


In this concept store, all prices are managed by the electronic price labels. The ESL manages price updates and online and offline information synchronization. Additionally, the LED indicator serves as a reminder about stock information, product warranty, order picking and promotion. In general, ESL the solution saves labour and operational costs and adds more value to the store management.


Hanshow Technology is dedicated to providing retailers with smart solutions integrated with their core technology – Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) system. In the last few years, Hanshow has grown rapidly into the global market and established its well respected reputation in the industry.

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